Debunked: Top 6 Myths About Virtual Receptionists

6 Myths Debunked

A reality check about how a live answering service can impact your business today

In the past few years, we have seen businesses of all sizes using freelancers, consultants and services like virtual receptionists. But even as the virtual receptionist industry has grown rapidly, there remain some myths about what virtual receptionists can do for your business.

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8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Productivity


We’re all looking for ways these days to do more with less, and the world of small business is no exception.

Even if the end goal is just to claw back more time for yourself and improve your work-life balance, a substantial boost to your productivity will give you back some of those precious hours to invest in the things that matter most to you – whether that be your family, your recreation time, or even launching a new side project.

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How Social Media Can Be Used as a Customer Service Tool

Vector flat concept of process social media business and marketing. Startup, business planning and results - vector illustration

Increasingly, social media is being used as a cost-effective and user-friendly customer service tool. Learn how your company can benefit.

How did this trend start?

In the early days of Twitter and Facebook, brands signed on to promote products and to test out new styles of marketing to online savvy audiences. As those readers started to use the same platforms to complain about problems with those brands, smart companies turned these negatives into a positive. They began responding to questions, providing technical service and building positivity about their brand by enacting “above and beyond” customer service.

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