How Lawyers Spend Their Non-Billable Hours


How Lawyers Spend Their Non-Billable Hours

6 hours. Out of the average eight hour work day, lawyers spend roughly six hours on non-billable work.

2 hours. Only 2 hours are spent on billable work, because of administrative tasks and business development.

Interruptions are killing productivity in both of these chunks of time.

10x: 30 percent of lawyers report being interrupted 6-10 times per day and research shows that on average it takes 23 minutes to get back on task.

One of the most frustrating distractions is having to take a client call that has nothing do with what you are working on. This takes your valuable attention away from more important issues.

Other Things Taking Your Attention Away From Billable Work

  • Office administration
  • Generating and sending bills
  • Configuring technology
  • Business development.

33% of Non-Billable Hours Are Spent On Business Development

Research shows that 2 out of 3 clients choose your firm just because you promptly answer their first call.

With this in mind, the obvious solution is to hire a receptionist, but an in-house receptionist can cost over $50,000 a year after salary, benefits, bonuses and time off.

What is the Best Solution to the Conundrum of Finding New Clients, While Avoiding Unrelated Interruptions to Your Billable Work?

Answer 1’s dedicated legal receptionist team is the solution. We want to be the professional voice answering your clients’ needs, winning you new clients and keeping you free from unnecessary interruptions.

Our 24-7-365 support, appointment scheduling, lead qualification and CRM integration will give you back the time you’ve spent on unbillable interruptions, and save you up to 95 percent on an in-house receptionist.

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