How to Maximize your Customer Support with Tech


maximize customer support with tech

It’s important to think about how to maximize your customer support.

The White House Office of Consumer Affairs reports that it’s 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. Customers expect increased levels of customer support from online channels as well as in person channels. You need to make sure your customer support systems are reinforced by technology.

In a recent article in Forbes, Shep Hyken explains that getting customer support from companies will be easier in 2018, especially through the use of customers’ using messaging systems to communicate with businesses.

This is a good outcome for your business if you leverage these changes correctly. By leaning into instant messaging bots, outsourcing services, and apps, you can spend more time and energy into improving your business processes.

Instant Messaging and Bots

Convenience can be the difference between a customer choosing to do business with you over a competitor. Because of this, messaging makes sense.

Your customers need to be able to message you for customer service assistance. “More and more, the ‘phone’ part of a mobile phone is becoming less and less important, but the texting function is of the utmost importance. Some may say this is a millennial “thing,” but it’s not,” says Forbes.

Quiq reports that “66% of respondents would pay more for a product/service that was supported by messaging– an average of 17% more!” If you don’t want to dedicate a team member to answering messaging inquiries, you could set up a chatbot. This article on Medium explains that it’s easier than ever to set up a bot, and walks you through several options for doing just that.

Outsourcing customer service

One way to take advantage of increased tech is to outsource your customer service. More offices than ever are working remotely. Utilize this for your customer experience. A smart place to start is outsourcing your reception to a virtual receptionist service.

Have a dedicated professional handle your calls for 1/10th the price of an in-house receptionist, and save time and money. A solid virtual reception service will also integrate with your software and scheduling. Check out this list of virtual receptionist services on Consumer Affairs and see what’s right for your business.


Another way to maximize your customer support is to get a company app.

“Apps are beneficial for businesses by four sources of value: they provide customer service, add value, make money, and complete business,” we’ve reported. “Having a mobile app can be the difference between a customer closing a deal with you, or moving on to your competition.”  

Your clients will love the flexibility an app gives them in making business decisions. They will be able to check their account stats, use messaging (hopefully messaging will be a feature in your app!), and help increase brand loyalty. Developing an app is definitely a process, so here’s a 12 step guide from BiznessApps to get you started.

Moving Forward with Tech for Customer Support

You need to be on the top of your game when it comes to customer support. Your clients expect it, and your competition is taking notice. You need to be in the top of your game for your industry. By utilizing instant messaging and bots, outsourced customer service, and apps, you will elevate your business.