Legal Consumer Research: How Do Customers Decide On a Lawyer?

There’s more information on legal consumer behavior today than ever before. Clio, a leading provider of legal management software, has conducted an extensive survey on what exactly consumers are thinking in their 2017 Legal Trend Report. Above the Law says, “The completely data-driven Legal Trends Report is simultaneously the most comprehensive and the most granular analysis of lawyer activity ever published.”

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Customer Service Round Up #6 – Top Tips from Around the Web

Customer Service Round Up #6

Superlative customer service leaves no room for complacency and plenty for improvement.

Businesses who are on top of their customer service game continually look to see where they rank according to benchmarks set by the best in the industry – regularly checking in to see where they fall short and what they can do about it. Their power rests in their ability to reinvent themselves for their customers every single day. If you want a taste of that power check out our latest Customer Service Round Up for the freshest ideas from across the Web.

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