Providing expertly trained virtual receptionists for companies of all sizes

Sell more, cut costs and impress your customers with one of our real, live virtual receptionists. Available every day, week and throughout the year.

Drained, exhausted and over-extended? You don’t have to be. Put all those calls and office tasks on our plate, instead.

As a business owner, you’re doing too much already. You’re taking care of clients, managing employees, growing your top-line revenue. There’s just not enough time and your energy is drained quickly.

And then, on top of all that, you have a flood of phone calls to answer and you’re inundated with a torrent of administrative tasks, too.

Let’s take the weight off your shoulders.

Let Answer 1 do all the heavy-lifting+

Don’t miss out on giving your callers and customers a remarkable experience with your company. It can lead to more revenue and favorable reviews.

Providing outstanding customer support, every day and to everyone who calls, is challenging. You couldn’t be available 24/7, every day of the year even if you wanted to.

Guess what? We can do that for you. Always available, anytime and delivering a consistent and positive experience. The kind that makes your customers want to give you glowing reviews and buy more.

Catch every opportunity for praise and revenue +

You don’t have to spend a fortune getting the highest level and quality of service. No one can beat our prices.

How could you possibly keep up with an irregular call volume, scheduling, data entry and keeping your CRM updated? Doing all that and nurturing positive customer touch points that leave your callers delighted and pleased puts a serious strain on your limited resources.

Here’s the good news: you can get a high value, quality service for much less than you think. Our combination of services and prices are unbeatable.

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Why Answer 1

Answer 1 provides expertly trained virtual receptionists for companies of all sizes in industries representing all corners of the economy. And our service is second to no one.

Unrivaled Service Quality For Your Business

We’re obsessed with providing the highest level of service to our clients. Our complaint rate is less than 0.01%. Your business deserves the best.

Always Available, All Day, Week And Year

Unlike other virtual receptionist solutions, we offer live receptionist and technology enabled call-answering services around the clock, every day throughout the year.

Calls Answered Within Seconds

+90% of our calls are answered in less than 4 rings24. That’s within seconds. Rely on our swift call-answering service so you can focus on your business.

Never Outsourced, Always In-House

All your calls are answered by our in-house, live virtual receptionists. They use a customized greeting and have spent hours learning all about your business.

Dedicated Customer Support

We have a fully dedicated customer service team that can work with you through any issues, should they come up. Our strict quality assurance maintains our high standards.

Seamless, Plug-and-Play Business Integration

Our virtual receptionists are trained on Google Calendar, third-party CRM’s and plenty of other software. This includes, with which we are highly skilled

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Always there for you and your customers

  • “I engaged Answer 1 to act as our third party call handling service and the experience has been stellar! The process to onboard was simple and easy and surprisingly fast. Answer 1 went from knowing nothing about our business to being ready to take calls in just a few short weeks.

    Our customers love having the 24/7 support and the constant follow-up and customer service from the Answer 1 team is amazing. I highly recommend Answer 1 if you are looking for call answering or help desk services -you will not be disappointed!”

    Andrea Clinton, Baselayer

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Most clients stay with us for over 6 years. Some for decades

Other businesses, like yours, trust our receptionists and cannot get enough. They rave about their experience.

You care about your customers - we do, too, just as much. And it shows

“Our office, Skupin Law Group, PLLC, has been using Answer 1 for over 8 years now. They offer excellent service, very reasonable prices, and they have extremely fast email response times.

I would recommend Answer 1 to any small or large business.”

Mike Skupin
Skupin Law Group

You can count on us. Prompt, attentive, thorough service you’ll love

“I chose Answer 1 because every team member I spoke to gave me the sense of confidence in their skills. My emails were always acknowledged and answered promptly.

Scripts were thorough, and I felt confident that each of your phone answering team had been adequately trained. We have no lost orders! Excellent messages allowed us to follow-up. Great sales support to our customer callers”

FunTekUSA Inc

Your customers will think they’re speaking with your in-house staff

“Our customers commented that when they first spoke with [Answer 1] they were surprised, because they thought they had spoken with our in-house office staff.

The staff at Answer 1 asks the right questions and that provides the customer with comfort as most of our call-ins are emergencies. The staff at Answer 1 is and always has been very professional.”


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You’re done! Forward your number and have all your calls answered by our friendly receptionists. Never touch time-consuming administrative tasks again. Save money and catch every revenue opportunity.

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Meet Cameron, Director of Customer Service and Training

Cameron Reichart is Answer 1’s Director of Customer Service and Training. Her priority is to make sure you have a great experience with Answer 1.

Our clients reap the benefits of our dedication to building a world-class team with happy employees. We take care of our Virtual Receptionists so they can take care of you and our customers.

We’re also an “Arizona Top Company to Work for”, three years and counting.

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Parker Davis

Parker is the CEO of Answer 1 and is responsible for its strategic vision and leadership of its management team.  Prior to joining Answer 1, Parker spent over a decade raising capital, investing in, and supporting the growth of technology-enabled services companies.  Parker received his M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and a B.A. in economics from the University of Notre Dame.

Parker lives in Phoenix with his wife and three children.